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NDI is a valuable resource in identifying material degradation / imminent failure and the said capability has been a hall mark of PAC, Kamra. It includes examinations, performed on Raw Materials, Rough Formed Objects, Finished Parts and Assemblies which have been subjected to active service conditions, without affecting the serviceability of item under inspection. PAC has NADCAP (National Aerospace Defense Contractor Accreditation Program) and Boeing certified NDT facility. PAC, Kamra has NDT qualified personnel as well as the capability to perform different NDT Techniques including Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Eddy Current Testing as per internationally accepted standards. NDT facility at PAC is being supervised by ASNT NDT Level III. Moreover, NDT facility has capability to impart NDT training of ASNT NDT Level II in PT and MT.