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Mushshak Aircraft Sale Contract Signing Rollout Ceremony of 50th JF-17 Thunder Aircraft
PAC offers type specific and general engineering services to the Defence Forces of Pakistan and to our friendly country customers. Type Specific Services include aircraft, engines, air borne & ground based radars and their associated components MRO. General Engineering Services include calibrations, heat & surface treatments, Non destrutive inspections, high and low end parts manufaturing, composite & rubber parts manufacturing, PCB stuffing, environmental testing, PCB designing etc.
Commercial products of PAC include Mushshak and Super Mushshak as its core product. JF-17 would add up to PAC core products in the coming future after meeting Pakistan Air Force requirements . A wide range of Avionics equipment, high end & low end aerospace products for military and commercıal use exist and is constantly building up to support our valued customers.
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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex ıs situated 70 Kms from Islamabad near Attock city. Complex houses four avıatıon factorıes and ıs spread over 10 sq kılometers. Over 10,000 employees support the role and task of PAC Kamra. It is governed by an autonomous body known as PAC Board. the Board comprises the Chairman and five members. In addition to exercising executive control over the Board, the Chairman directs and guides functioning of all the four factories of PAC which are headed by respective managing directors.
>> 14 February, 2014 - Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Visit to PAC         >> 10 February, 2014 - Contract Signing Ceremony for Export of Super MUSHSHAK Aircraft to Iraq         >> 06 February, 2014 - Commander Iraqi Air Defence Visits PAC         >> 29 January, 2014 - Commander Turkish Air Force Visit to PAC         >> 21 January 2014 - Saudi Deputy Minister for Defence Visits PAC         >> 18 December 2013 - Rollout Ceremony of 50th JF-17 Thunder Aircraft at PAC         >> Forthcoming Seminar at PAC on Industry - Academia Collaboration in Aviation