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  • 1. There are four batches of internship that PAC run in a year, two each in Summer and Winter. Duration of each batch is three weeks.
  • 2. Following disciplines are offered:
    • - Aerospace Engineering
    • - Mechanical Engineering
    • - Avionics Engineering
    • - Electronic Engineering
    • - Mechatronics Engineering
    • - Industrial Engineering
    • - (Metallurgy may also be offered in some Batches)
  • 3. Students from selected HEC recognized universities studying in semester 6-8 are eligible to apply for Internship. However students of 4-6 semester may also be entertained sometimes.
  • 4. PAC offer free accommodation to limited students but the cost of food is charged.
  • 5. Number of students are around 50-55 in each Batch, that makes around 200 of total students in a year.
  • 6. Student has to be sponsored by the Institute to qualify and his/her selection is subject to security clearance.

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