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T-56 and TFE 731 Engine

T56 and TFE-731 Engine Overhauling Facility

Overhauling Facility for T56 and TFE 731 Engine was established at PAC Kamra in 2004 through transfer of technology and subsequently, Authorized Military Overhaul Facility status was awarded to MRF by M/S Rolls Royce (OEM of T56 Engine).

The facility is capable to overhaul complete T56 Engine including the three modules (Compressor, Turbine and Reduction Gearbox) and its accessories. Overhauled engines are tested on Turboprop Test Cell facility which is yet another accessible modern competence of T56 set up at PAC Kamra.

Overhauling facility for TFE-731 Engine of K-8 Aircraft has been established at PAC Kamra in 2012 in collaboration with ITP Spain. The ground work for establishing the test bed facility for the engine is also in progress and an all capable engine overhauling facility will be available at MRF in near future.