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Established since 1974, Mirage Rebuild Factory is the sole organization in Pakistan for overhauling Mirage aircraft and associated components. It is capable to annually produce 12 aircraft and more than 10,000 components on the average. Majority of the procedures exercised for maintenance are provided in the form of publications by the OEM (Avions Marcel Dassault Breguet Aviation). Aircraft overhauling at MRF is segregated into four major services. All the facilities are certified by AS9100 Quality Management System and directed by a solid Quality Control System.

Overhauling of Mirage Airframe

Overhauling facility of Mirage airframe is a series of processes including de-painting, disassembly, ageing analysis, inspection of complete aircraft structure with the help of various NDT methods, renewal of electric looms control cables/rods and rigid pipes. All the aircraft systems hydraulic, fuel, electric, mechanic, and pneumatic are refurbished during the overhaul process, followed by on ground checks as per OEM laid down instructions in the form of work sheets. The aircraft is re-painted after assembly and released for flying after successful aerial trials. All the maintenance is documented and verified by Quality Control.

Maintenance of Aircraft Components

The components maintenance facility is established to overhaul components associated to various versions of Mirage aircraft. The facility is capable to accommodate maintenance of all the components of various aircraft systems. The services provided vary from simple bench check to complete overhaul of aircraft components. The facility is further classified into 13 different sections/shops as per job capacity. The clean room for servicing aircraft instruments is a distinctive facet of this facility. All the sections are manned by skilled workers and supervisors with the help of dedicated Quality Control inspectors.

Structural Repair of Damaged Aircraft Parts

Establishment of aircraft structure repair facility has enabled MRF to refurbish any type of structurally damaged aircraft. The facility is one of its types to recover aircraft and its structural parts damaged in accidents. Repair of fuselage frames, wing fuel tanks refurbishment, manufacture of structural parts and bending of piping through CNC machines are the main services provided by this facility.

Modification and Up-Gradation Aircraft Systems

The main aim of this facility is up-gradation of avionics systems and accomplishment of other modifications to improve the capability of Mirage aircraft. A team of skilled technicians and officers is dedicated to this facility to ensure timely execution of prototype and serial modifications