A Symbol of Excellence in Aviation
ARF was established in the early 70s in collaboration with The Peoples Republic of China. Initially, the factory started overhauling of F-6 aircraft and with an ever growing sphere of responsibility, the factory undertook the task of overhauling of A – 5III, FT – 5, Y – 12, K – 8 and F – 7 aircraft variants. Since its inception, ARF has evolved into a Center of Excellence for maintenance, repair and overhauling Chinese aircraft, standing tall amongst MRO organizations in the world.
Mirage Rebuild Factory was conceived in 1974 for in-country overhauling of Mirage aircraft and has ever since evolved into a center of excellence for maintenance, repair and overhaul of military aircraft and jet engines.
AMF was established in 1975 to undertake manufacturing of a primary flying trainer aircraft under license from SAAB SCANIA of Sweden. The aircraft was named Mushshak, (meaning proficient) and was produced from the kits provided by SAAB.
Avionics setup of PAC known as Avionics Production Factory (APF) was initially established as the Radar Maintenance Center (RMC) in 1983 for overhaul / rebuild of ground based radar systems In 1989, it was transformed into a full-fledged avionics factory with ability to handle avionics as