A Symbol of Excellence in Aviation





Aircraft Rebuild Factory (ARF) is one of the four factories of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra. ARF is an “ISO 9001: 2015”, “AS 9100 Rev D” and ISO 17025 certified overhauling and manufacturing complex; providing overhauling services, fabrication of aviation assemblies, after sales services and engineering support to Pakistan Air Force and other valued customers around the globe. ARF has the distinction of being the pioneer factory amongst all the PAC factories. Owing to this fact, ARF embodies all necessary specialist facilities required for overhauling and manufacturing. Our splendid culture allows us to offer bench mark speed and optimum cost to our valued customers.


  • To acquire capability to develop MRO package for aerospace vehicles and components with design, development and manufacturing capability for spares and gradually transitioning towards components to achieve self-sufficiency in supportability.
  • Developing a cluster of core competencies to transform into an aviation standard certified aviation MRO facility.
  • Besides fully supporting PAF, tap in-country and foreign MRO markets and contribute towards capacity building of national industry.