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Aviation Research, Indigenization & Development


PAC Kamra, established back in 1971 as a repair and overhaul facility for imported aircraft and later under-license production of aircraft and avionics systems. Even though it has grown in size to cater for more types and number of platforms, including ground radars, PAC still remains dependent on foreign OEMs due to lack of in-house design and development capability. This severely limits its capability to independently support PAF operations and have any worthwhile global presence.

Air Staff vision of Aviation City Kamra is all about changing this paradigm by establishing design and development institutes and bringing in academic institutes for creating a sustainable R&D ecosystem that will enable the Pakistani aviation industry to provide indigenous solutions to PAF, sister services and civil aviation, and facilitating it to become a global player.

The office of DG AvRID (Director General Aviation Research Innovation & Development) has been established to transform into reality the Air Staff vision as stated above, with the long term goal of developing our own fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA). Development of FGFA would be a major national program that would entail massive amount of work; not all of which may possibly be carried out within PAC, or even within Pakistan. Such large scale development requires synergetic efforts from a number of industrial (public & private) and academic organizations to fulfill the enormous task. These efforts by themselves will enable development of technologies that will find applications in a number of other systems. The guiding motto will be “cooperation within, competition outside”.