A Symbol of Excellence in Aviation

ARF Quality Certifications

Quality of the production at ARF is assured through quality control of the product and quality assurance of the processes. Standards are being followed during the aircraft overhauling processes.

During GOH cycle, after every major production stage, Quality shake down inspections are performed till the aircraft is accepted by the Customer. Moreover, stage quality inspections are performed at various steps of the production activities. It is pertinent to highlight that the objective of all these quality inspections is to ensure fulfillment of OEM provided specifications through stringent quality inspections at each stage throughout the overhauling cycle.

  • ISO 17025
  • AS 9100 Rev D

ARF Achievements

  • More than 1150 aircraft produced since inception of ARF
  • More than 2.3 Mil components have been produced
  • Qty 174 C-130 Propellers and 67 QECs have been overhauled
  • Around 2000 canopies and 3000 windshields have been manufactured
  • Re-wiring of 17 Cobra Helicopter of Pak Army has been accomplished