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APF Commercial services

PCB Stuffing Facility

Avionics Production Factory (APF) has state of the art for stuffing facility of both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT). The facility includes optical inspection, X-ray inspection, PCB treatment (PCB Washing, lonic contamination testing, Conformal coating etc.), Functional Testing, In-circuit Testing (ICT) and Environmental Stress Screening (Component to System level). APF provides comprehensive service in the mentioned categories and has gained rich experience with customer satisfaction. We can handle high volume and prototype quantity. We adhere to IPC standards and are AS 9100-D certified. The salient features are as under:

  • Stuffing for through hole and surface mounted devices (SMDs) in accordance with quality standards IPC-A-600H and IPC-A-610E
  • Prototyping and high volume production
  • Single type or hybrid stuffing process
  • Repair & Rework
  • Programmable, hot-air based and IR based rework system
  • Mil Std 810-D compliance
  • Conformal Coating for humidity and environmental control
  • Optical and X-ray inspection
  • ESS (Vibration, Thermal Vibration, Climatic, Thermal Altitude, Thermal Shock) Polymer based potting of high voltage power supplies by vacuum suction method
  • Assembly of cable harnesses and winding of transformers
  • ESS profiling and testing
  • Single axis random vibration systems
  • Fabrication of interconnection aircraft looms
  • Production from base level i.e. from completely knocked down and semi knocked down kits
APF Avionics Production Factory

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating is an extra cost operation. Boards not in standard panel size will require additional tooling. Humiseal Coatings and Silicon types of conformal coating can be offered. Conformal coting is done as per coating map provided by the customer to meet the product requirement. Coating map is to include thickness of coating and no cat areas and components.

Optical and X-Ray Inspection

APF can perform the optical and 3D X-ray inspection of the product assembly upon the customer request and its reports can be sent with the product for Quality assurance to our valuable customer. These inspections reports are very useful if the product assembly contains BGAs and some fine pitch QFPs. X-ray inspection can be performed for electronic PCBs up to size of 400x400mm (16 inch x 16 inch). It is useful in determining BGA and micro BGA faults like short circuited balls, over and under sized balls, solder voids and quality of balls. It can also identify broken connections inside the ICs.

PCB Treatment

Availability of corrosive and conductive particles of the flux or solder past may lead to jeopardizing the product reliability in spite of excellent workmanship. This may not be applicable to the non-clean flux / solder paste but if the customer specify or supply consumable material with the RMA fluxes or VOC water based fluxes then PCB washing becomes an essential process in the product assembly. APF can offer PCB washing upon the customer request or from the selection of material by the customer specific applications. This can eliminate all the corrosive and conductive particle of flux from the product assembly. Lonic contamination can also be verified and reports can also be provided to the customer on request.

Environmental Stress Screening

ESS is widely used in military and aerospace applications to detect product defects and production flaws. APF has complete range of ESS facilities including Thermal climatic chamber, Vertical vibration shaker, Horizontal vibration slip table and Altitude, pressure and temperature chambers.

APF Avionics Production Factory

Testing Solution Development

APF has capability of providing complete testing solutions for electronic LRU’s / PCBs using industry standard Teradyne Functional and in-circuit testers. NHR tester is used for Mil-Std-704 qualification of various types of power supplies. Additionally, APF also manufactures wide variety of test fixtures for digital systems, power supplies and RF / microwave devices under test (DUT).

APF Avionics Production Factory

RF / Microwave Cleanroom and Anechoic Testing Facility

APF has ISO Class 8 Microwave clean room facility for RF / microwave modules and PCBs. Facility can undertake high volume production of RF / microwave modules, RF cable assembly, Antenna lamination and repair. Furthermore, automated testing using RF test station and Antennae testing for L&X band using anechoic chamber can be carried out.

APF Avionics Production Factory

EMI / EMC Testing Facility

APF, PAC EMC/ EMI Testing Lab is equipped with state of the art R&S equipment (wide frequency range from 2Hz to 44 GHz) for RF system debugging and interface analysis. The lab possesses software controlled automated testing capability to perform on-platform testing of electronic equipment for analyzing its mutual compatibility with other electronic equipment. These tests comply with MIL-STD 461 and MIL-STD 464 (CE-101, CE-102, RE-101, RE-102) for conductive and radiated emission and susceptibility. The mobile nature of facility allows carrying out on-site EMC testing also.

APF Avionics Production Factory

PME Calibration

APF has comprehensive PME Calibration facility which is accredited with ISO 17025:2017. It has 26 Reference Standards and 136 Working Standards. The calibration capability includes Electrical Systems, RF / VXI based Systems and Physical Test Equipment. Salient PME being calibrated include AC / DC Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes, LCR Meters, Frequency Counter, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzer, Air Speed Indicators, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges etc.

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Dimensional Equipment (Vernier Caliper, dial Tester, Gauge blocks, Weighing Scales, 3-axis measurement)
  • Multifunction Electrical Calibration
  • Analogue /Digital Multi-meters
  • Analogue / Digital DC Power Supplies
  • DC Electronics Loads
  • Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Soldering Stations 7 Temperature
  • Bath / Chambers
  • LCR Meters
  • Meggars
  • VXI Modules
  • RF Cables & Power Splitters
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Frequency Counters & Signal Generators
  • Power Meters & Sensors
  • Pressure Gauges (Air / Water / Hydraulic)
  • Temperature Gauges (with thermocouples)
  • Torque Wrenches

NVIS Compatible Cockpit Panels

APF has also gained expertise in manufacturing of Military Standard 3009 Type ‘I’ Night Vision capable cockpit panels. Some of the important areas undertaken by APF in night vision capability include manufacturing of PCBs for NVIS Class ‘A’ and ‘B’ compatible panels, NVIS backlighting for aircraft instruments and NVIS filters for aircraft indicators. The technical prowess of APF resulted in Form fit functional NVIS capable multiple aircraft cockpit.

APF Avionics Production Factory