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Capabilities of APF

Ground Radars MRO

APF has comprehensive MRO facility for ground radars which includes overhauling and refurbishment of low and high level radar systems through antenna structural repairs, testing and refurbishment along with complete electronics testing, optimization and calibration. APFs continuous efforts in maintaining these systems ensures operational availability of PAF’s Air Defence.

APF Avionics Production Factory

Avionics Production

APF is a qualified Avionics system manufacturer. State of the art automated facilities are utilized for production, testing and environmental stress screening of Avionics systems to meet aircraft production needs. Today APF has capability to provide complete solution from initial concept to product qualification. A good number of fighter aircraft Avionics systems have been indigenously developed by APF and are operationally flying. Its state of the art generic production and testing line has produced.

APF Avionics Production Factory

Life Cycle Support

APF has an elaborated testing and repair facility for life cycle support of PAF avionics systems. Moreover, cost effective maintenance solutions are provided through indigenous testers development. APF forms the backbone of LCS Systems. Challenge of obsolescence is for vintage systems is being mitigated through indigenization efforts.

APF Avionics Production Factory

Avionics Development

Indigenization is APF’s strategic focus and as part of the deletion program, APF developed core capability in hardware, software design & development of systems. APF, now is a proud OEM of multiple Avionics systems that have underwent completely indigenous development, from initial concept to final qualification.

APF Avionics Production Factory

Avionics Integration

APF holds the coveted status of certified Avionics integrator for advanced fighter jet and has independently integrated Avionics of PAF’s choice on fighter aircraft. The indigenous software release developed by APF provides a tremendous boost to operational and strike capabilities of PAF.

APF Avionics Production Factory